Welcome to the website of the Association of Licensed Guides of Vienna!

Our 500 members are trained and educated to provide you with informative, professional and entertaining tours of the city and its environs. Learn from us more about the history of Vienna and its culture, and about the personalities who have left their mark here. Stroll with us in the footsteps of the Habsburgs, of musical geniuses and of everyday Viennese.

Many of us have one or more areas of special knowledge, and together we speak more than 30 languages. We are happy to fulfil your individual wish, whether it be a general overview or a more detailed tour in one of our wonderful museums.  With our professional guidance we will contribute to your enjoyable stay in Vienna. We can guide you by tour bus, on foot, by public transportation and even by bicycle. We also accompany our guests to nearby areas outside the city, for example to the Vienna Woods, the Wachau or the Burgenland.

By means of our English-language Request/Booking you can book an Austria Guide for a tour in the language of your choice. One of our guides will contact you within 48 hours in your desired language to confirm the tour. With him or her you can work out all further details.