International Tourist Guide Day 2020
Dear Subscribers,
We warmly invite you to join in the activities of the Internation Tourist Guide Day on 16th February 2020.
The theme this year is titled "On the Wieden" and is devoted to the fourth district of Vienna which was given this name as far back as 1137, making it one of the earliest known suburbs of the city. There will be several guided tours for all interested in partaking – free of charge. Locals and visitors to Vienna can look forward to a varied programme, offering several different themes and lectures.
A few days beforehand, on 14th February, Austria Guides will be offering tours for the blind and visually impaired guests in the House of Music, also free of charge.
International Tourist Guide Day on February 16th, 2020

Tours and lectures will be held throughout the whole day

The meeting point for all events on 16th February will be the building of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber (Wirtschaftskammer Österreich or WKÖ) on Wiedner Hauptstraße 63, 1040 Wien.
The lectures will also take place there.
From here the guided tours dealing with the fourth district will start as well. These include a tour of the District Museum of Wieden, situated opposite the meeting point, and which is the site of the so-called “Tröpferlbad”, a former public bath institution which was closed in 1978 ("Tröpferl" means a small drop in German, so the term comes from the scanty flow of water from the water tanks).
The history of the district Wieden itself is told in the museum, along with accounts of the lives of the people who lived in this district.

Additionally, three walking tours will be on the agenda. One of these will be dealing with the numerous legends which are associated with the district of Wieden, making this tour especially suitable for children.
A paper theatre which will take place on the premises of the WKÖ will round off the children’s programme nicely.
A further guided tour will deal with the composers who lived and worked in this district.
A third guided tour which will deal with the rich history of Charles’ Square (Karlsplatz), its present-day use, and future projects connected with it.

Tours in foreign languages are offered through Wieden, too. Details »

Two days prior to this, we shall be offering guided tours for the blind and the visually impaired in the "Haus der Musik". More (in German) »

As is the custom, the principal aim of the Vienna Guides is to offer both local connoisseurs and visitors alike state-of-the-art information. For this, about 150 guides will be on site during these two days to give you the opportunity to get to know their occupation, which indeed demands professionalism and versatility – all free of charge.

Last but not least, the Vienna Guides are not only skillful speakers, they are also accomplished writers. Once a year their Kulturmagazin is issued, a journal comprising 120 pages which is handed out free of charge on the World Day and is afterwards available at the Tourist Information on Albertinaplatz and at the "City of Vienna" information office in the City Hall.

We are looking forward to welcoming you at the International Tourist Guide Day!

Your Newsletter-Team